9 Day Guarantee!

Since Aprl 1996, the moment Carlo Gobba entered the real estate world he made a splash ranking among the top 5% of all Realtors Nationwide. In 1997 (his very first full year in the business) Carlo climbed the ranks to the top 1%, making him "A HouseSOLD Name!" He has ranked consistently among the top agents nationally consistently every since. As a matter of fact, Carlo was inducted into the RE/MAX Hall of Fame (a place reserved for only the worlds most Elite agents!)

As an outside the box and forward thinker, who stays at the forefront of technology and market trends, Carlo has always treated the business seriously with the utmost respect. "There are to many agents that are in the business part time and treat it that way" he says... It's not that some agents are part time, I don't have a problem with that... It's that they treat the business that way and this is your equity we're dealing with here... Carlo has never been part time or treated the business like anything else than his full time career and you will feel this from the moment you meet him. While the average agent sells just 8 properties per year, Carlo has now sold over 1,250 properties successfully since 1996 and has handled the most complex dealings along the way. It's because of this experience that he is able to offer you a guarantee when you buy and sell and most agents wouldn't dream of it!

When you buy and sell with Carlo Gobba, you'll get his personal guarantee. "Your home Sold in UNDER 9 days at a price acceptable to you Or, I'll Pay you" he says. Now only a serious Realtor producing serious results would put their money where their mouth is!

So if you're ready to get down to business, connect with Carlo today and say: "You're HIRED!"