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Carlo Gobba began his real estate career in 1996 and has now successfully sold over 1,100 properties. The average agent sells just 8 per year so (this is like having 137 years experience.) If you're looking for a forward thinker with the most advanced technology to market your home for sale and get you the most money, OR to help find you a new home, rest assured that you have it right in front of you. Connect with Carlo Gobba today and say: "You're Hired!"

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If you were flying across the country...

Thinking about selling your home? Think of it as flying across the country. Not a short flight. You'll need to get comfortable as this may take awhile. The home sale process at minimum

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Sellers-If you were Crossing the Desert

Sellers, If your goal was to cross the desert today, and your gas tank holds 200 gallons of gas... You know that you need need 185 gallons of gas... Would you try and get by with 45 gallons, 90

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The Top 4 Reasons NOT To Join eXp Realty-For Agents

Inevitably, change is either embraced or resisted by people... Just ask "Yellow Cab", "UBER", or "Blockbuster Video", "Netflix", "Air B & B" and "Amazon" just to name a few... I for one

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Online Home Evaluations & Market Snapshots

When it comes to online valuation models and tools, it's always intriguing as to what these systems throw back as far as data isn't it? This is a want it now society and instant information/answers

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